seanski’s first giveaway!

i need some love.

last week i was thinking about ways to attract some additional readers/followers/stalkers/lovers/frenemies. one obvi way to do just this is by having some form of a contest or giveaway. most bloggers do this, so why wouldn’t i? doesn’t everyone want something for free!?!

so for everyone that comments on this post, you will receive one free HUG! yes, that’s right — one giant, heart-warming, cozy hug. and if things go well, you may be eligible for a prolonged hug, also known as a cuddle.

why a hug? because i need them this week. it is my birthday this wednesday and i am one year closer to the horrid age of 30. i know, i know. everyone i talk to says your 30s are the greatest decade of your life, but i am in complete disagreement.

so there will be no parties or elaborate gatherings for me this week. all i need is hugs. so everyone can reassure to me that everything will be alright.

word of the day – kanoodle


  1. Beth Zone

    Poor Baby I would give anything to be 30 or 40 or 50 orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lets not go there get out of that slump You are terrific everyone loves you. I always give you hugs cuz I XOXO you. You could have had my week last weeks???? No ob no car so stop right now get out of the funk and get your dancing shoes on!

  2. Mary Lee

    We won’t discuss which age I’m closing in on…which makes me feel like I need a hug too! 30 wasn’t bad. 31 was depressing….cause then I was OVER 30! Cheer up and welcome to the club! :)

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