it’s hip to be a square

i used to make fun of foursquare. i used to make fun of the early adopters who began using foursquare. and now i have found myself slightly obsessed with this little game that has turned into a pretty hot commodity.

while some may consider this social media app stalker-esque, i find it to be more of a convenience.

for example:

last week i had dinner at dragonfly lounge, checked-in and received a free miso soup with the special offer via foursquare.

two days ago, i checked into dragonfly again (which was supposed to place me at the mayorship title and i failed because of that damn andrew s.) and another friend texted me because she saw my check-in while she was at the old angle tavern across the street. now some may find this a little creepy, but this could have been a missed opportunity to hang out with a friend if she hadn’t seen my foursquare check-in.

consequently, i have also been coordinating happy hours and dinners at places i frequent in the hopes of becoming mayor. is this sad? i think it may be. but for those of you also addicted to foursquare, you probably are on my side.

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  1. cami

    Agreed…it can be a great tool. I’ve been starting to use it more and when I was at Chinato I got a free cocktail for checking in. (so check that out if you haven’t gone yet!).

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