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due to the heavy amount of social activities last week surrounding my 24th 25th 26th birthday, i def neglected this here blog. that said, i must provide a review/commentary of all the places i visited over the past week. let’s go!

  • Deagan’s Kitchen & Bar – after hearing so many good reviews via word-of-mouth and the internets, i decided to make deagan’s my official bday dinner spot. my entire immediate family was present, including nugget, who once again created a personal greeting card for my enjoyment (i have received personally designed cards from nug since 2003, which should be a whole separate post). i decided to go the small plate route, which ended up being more food than i could handle. i ordered the brussel sprouts, moroccan meatballs and peking duck confit mac-n-cheese, all of which were served piping hot. we were not disappointed one bit. i can’t wait to go back for 1/2 off wine monday and taco tuesday. who is coming with!?!
  • Battery Park Wine Bar (BPWB) – to complete my bday evening, nug, moe and i trotted over to bpwb for a couple glasses of champagne. aside from the flavorful apps and flatbreads, they really provide you with a heavy pour, which is always welcomed. i can’t say enough about that staff as well — so incredibly kind. they even threw in a free glass for my special day. this place is seriously becoming my fav new cle hangout.
  • Great Lakes Brewing Company – a little beer accompanied a productive aaf meeting with the 32 below group. can’t go wrong with a little burning river ale.
  • Dragonfly Lounge – with lzone in hand, i was treated to a post bday dinner at this very sexy ohio city spot. having gone a few times prior, this time was a little different because the house kitchen now offers a full menu, consisting mainly of sushi and red meat. lzone ordered an array of sushi and i ordered the delmonico steak with demi glaze and bacon lardons, baked potato and asparagus with hollandaise. i also received a free miso soup, complements of the foursquare check-in!
  • Plum’s Palace – while this isn’t a legit dining establishment, one may disagree. after this past nye as well as this past friday night, i have come to the conclusion that alexa can actually cook! included in her spread was a mandarin orange and almond salad, au gratin potatoes, curry chicken lettuce wraps and pork tenderloin sandwiches. the meal was terrific. the company was even better. and i love living across the street from my sweet plum.
  • Lava Lounge – after waking up at 1:30 pm (so what, who cares?) and cleaning most of the day, i needed some grub. so nug and i headed to one of our fav tremont locations for their addictive pomme frites, cheese burgers and lava dew martinis. i am pretty sure its the sweet red onion jam and havarti cheese that make this burger so freakin’ delicious. it is truly the only burger i order in the city.

another busy week is ahead and i already have multiple dinner plans on the agenda. sometimes i wonder if i should not buy a new car and just keep that monthly payment to put towards my cle dining addiction. ehh…

word of the day – palette


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