2 days of nye + 2 days of lazy

i truly felt like a grade school kid last night. i basically stumbled around the house and whined about the fact that i had to wake up early this morning. these childish actions were clearly spawned from the crazy good nye weekend i had. rewind it, flip it and reverse it!

thursday – a little shopping with the cousins at white bread crocker park, followed by a stop at tj’s butcher block in lakewood to pick up a slab of meat comparable in size to the one in the flintstone’s opening sequence, and closed the night off with a visit to reddstone for the new year’s eve eve holla days festival of awesomeness hosted by the lovely lzone and plum. shout out to new cle blogger, why cle? who was also in attendance.

friday – cleaning like a fool in preparation for our first progressive dinner party, which ended being a huge success. the night started at alexa’s where we had delicious cocktails and hearty apps of awesomeness. afterwards, the group headed to our place for the entree portion of the night. we served pork loin with winter fruits, port and bacon, green beans with almonds and pommes frites. the tour ended at hartzell’s where he served chocolate dipped fruits and goodies with a side of moscow mule. we toasted the new year at battery park wine bar and danced the night away in a sea of friends. perfection.

alexa and dom. besties.
table settings are sexy.
our little menu on a paper bag. cheap chic, yo.
love this pic.

saturday – sleep, sleep and more sleep. cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. dinner at the parkview nite club.

sunday – a whole lot of nothing.

word of the day – initiate


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