it’s cold outside. so what, who cares!

i'm not sure who this is, but i like her.

it seems to happen every single year. around the great lakes region, millions of people take valuable time away from their lives to moan and groan about the winter weather. what is your deal!?!

let’s face the hard facts. you were birthed or transplanted here in the wonderful land of cle. we are located in a region of the planet that experiences four seasons. we are also placed right alongside a giant body of water, which often adds to the severity of our harsh winters. if you don’t like these facts, then move.

i am sorry to be blunt, but we deal with the same weather patterns year in and year out. it will never change. but you can change all this by moving to the fantastic state of florida (hurricanes, mutated insects and unlimited hospice care options included).

rather than complain, why not enjoy it! snow can be beautiful, ya know. ya know what else can be quite fun? sipping hot cocoa and playing board games by the fireplace. maybe i am just too much of an optimistic individual, but we could have it a lot worse. like living in arizona. or a third world country verging on the brink of human apocalypse.

word of the day – frosty


  1. Alicia at Poise in Parma

    POST LOVE. I was thinking about that on the way into work today: yeah driving in the snow sucks, but it was a nice reminder to slow down – both my car & the day-to-day running around we all do. The snow is actually quite pretty – it’s just nicer when you don’t have to leave the house :)

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