happy holla days!

a little blue and green on a skinny tree.

i was going to recap my past weekend, but it’s already thursday! but i will tell you that my visit to kalahari waterpark was a damn good time — even for grown adults. for future reference, if you are thinking of visiting the countries largest indoor waterpark, consider taking a little time off from work and go during the week. this will allow you more slippin’ and slidin’ time, due to the little ones away at school. and don’t forget to sip on a few cocktails at the adults only swim-up bar. but remember to take your wallet out of your bathing suit before you take that plunge.

tomorrow is christmas eve and i would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a merry christmas, happy hanukkah and happy kwanzaa. no matter how you celebrate the season, it really comes down to one thing — family & friends. it’s that one time of year when everyone comes together (or at least tries) in (hopeful) harmony, enjoying each other’s company while sharing love and laughs.

so think about all the things that you are grateful for instead of thinking of all the material things you want under your tree. all of my favorite memories don’t involve the gifts i received. they involve the people in my world that make me think to myself, “i have one hell of a fantastic life.”

so be merry! say i love you more. laugh your heart out. and don’t be a grinch.

word of the day – jolly


  1. Beth Zone

    Merry Christmas Sean and Matt have I told you both lately how glad I am you are in my life. Thanks to that crazy girl Lisa!!!!!!

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