well that was fun

how was your weekend!? did you all take advantage of restaurant week?

while my weekend was supposed to be very lazy, a couple impromptu dinner outings happened (thank you lisa and moe) which i am highly grateful for. after dining at bar cento on friday and luxe on saturday, i can say that i am happy to be home from vacation. while relaxing in a warm, lush, all-inclusive haven is an absurd amount of fun, coming home and enjoying your friends and familiar places can be just as satisfying. that said, let’s talk a little bit about mexico!

this was my first week long vacation in quite some time. i forgot what it felt like. and i am happy we made riviera maya our choice for a late fall trip. it all started with our neighbor moe, who recently celebrated a monumental birthday and invited some friends along for the ride. in total, a group of 9 of us packed our bags and headed to the valentin imperial maya.

upon arrival, the cocktails started pouring and i was not complaining. combine that with absolutely beautiful grounds, pools and white beach and it’s basically a little piece of heaven. note to the marketing manager – i would suggest you hire a photographer to take more artistic shots of the property. your current pictures really do not do your resort justice.

lobby area.
the grounds. look at that sky!
more fountains.

during the week, we broke up time between the pool and beach. its kind of amazing how fast a day can go while doing absolutely nothing. thankfully, the weather cooperated and it stayed a mild 81-85 degrees throughout the week.

the big pool.
my right foot (foreground), heaven (background)
pretty palms on the beach.

i think my favorite part of the trip was actually dinner. our whole crew met at 6 or 7 every night at one of the several restaurant options and enjoyed ourselves for 2-3 hours each night. i cannot tell you how much fun this was. i think we really annoyed some of the other patrons with our uncontrollable laughter on a few occasions. what can i say. we just like having a little too much fun from time to time. who cares!

we did pony up and venture off on an excursion, where we did a little zip lining, atv jungle adventure and some cenote swimming. this place definitely has it’s shiz together. very buttoned up and extremely nice, accommodating staff. i would highly recommend any of the selvatica tours.

all in all, it was a terrific time with even more terrific people. nugget edited some footage on the plane and created this little movie of our mexican adventure. enjoy!

word of the day – iguana


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