muy caliente

tulum me.

there is a lot to talk about. much has happened in the past week and i simply cannot divulge into every little detail. while i should blog every day or at least every other, i can’t seem to manage the work/social/community/family balance at this point. not to mention, the next few weeks will be just as, if not more hectic! but i am not complaining. life is good. g-double-o-d-good (bone thugs).

one item that i would like to discuss is vacation. i have not been on a week long vacation in quite some time. and alas, next thursday the nug and i will be in route to mexico. in celebration of moe’s birthday, we’re heading south of the border for some all-inclusive fun. i have never stayed at an all-inclusive resort, so this will be an exciting first but also a challenge. watch out valentin imperial maya – i hope you have enough goose for this guy.

i also am hoping mother nature is kind and the current weather conditions turn from rain into clear, sunny skies. and if a hurricane arises, they better name that thing sean. because i will be mad as hell and will def be churning up some evil.

good things to come this week. events include board meetings (WSCH and AAF), happy hours, halloween parties and some new restaurant ventures.

word of the day – loco


  1. Beth Zone

    Sean & Matt all inclusive are the best. The 1st day you really do not have to drink everything they have enough to last the week! I had a routine and all of the bartenders knew it by the end of the week especially the swim up pool bar guys….Have a great time

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