so i walked into this bar…

before i tell you about my weekend, i need to get something off my chest. we all know that we are a nation of whiners. and in the winter months, it’s even more apparent in the midwest. you would think that people would be outside during these amazing summer nights, right? for the past couple weekends, i have noticed the absence of clevelanders making it a point to eat/drink/play outside. what’s up with that!? because i know you people are the same ones that complain about the first snowfall in november. but i digress…

so this past friday night i had my first tina’s nightclub experience. and it’s hard to even write about it because words cannot really describe it. let me drill it down as such:

  • 3 jello shots for $1
  • 12 ft. chain link fence patio (think mini jail yard)
  • karaoke every night at 9:30
  • the guy with the “poop ballz” t-shirt

it may be one of the dirtiest bars in cle, but it may also be the most ridiculously fun bars in cle (depending on your tolerance levels and mandatory vaccinations). will i be going back to tina’s? duh.

the weekend also included a visit to reddstone, which included a tiki torch fire that could have been much worse if the wonderful waitress didn’t throw it over the fence. saturday night ended at touch supper club, where i danced like a fool. just ask the entire back half of the first floor. i left about 36 sweat glands on the dance floor.

it’s a shame i didn’t get any decent photos of this weekend. however, check out this amazing present from connie! yes, you are looking at an alligator mist machine. run to your local giant eagle. these babies are on clearance. we still have hot, humid days left this summer!

    • later gator.


  1. Kopniske

    If I had more disposable cash I’d be out more. Sometimes it’s tough to take in all Cleveland has on a few bucks.

  2. Beth Zone

    Everyone in Cleveland should experience Tina’s at least once. It is true Americana

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