bubba love

it’s already tuesday.

i have been very easily distracted lately. i am not even going to get into the details of my weekend. my family trip to chicago and milwaukee was amazeballs, though. you can see photos on facebook if you are curious.

but i would like to introduce you to my uncle danny (bubba). he is a staple on the fedak side of the family (mom’s side). there are 10 kids total and he may be is the funniest.

uncle danny has downs syndrome. some people seem to find that to be an uncomfortable topic. some even find it difficult to communicate/socialize with a person who has this disorder. i don’t get that.

in our family, we treat him like everyone else. it’s been that way since the day he was born and i think it has made him into a very smart cookie. while uncle danny is not entirely self-sufficient, he can definitely hold is own.

he likes to entertain and is always the social butterfly at every gathering. he will make you laugh until you cry. and we love him dearly.

don’t “beat my butt” uncle danny, but i have to post this video from sunday. it’s too funny. and let’s be honest – you like the attention.

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  1. tim m

    Hi Sean: My late sister Amy was mentally retarded as the result of a rare condition, and it was always difficult to understand how and why people were made to be so uncomfortable around people like her and Danny–even those who are our age who should know better. Your post was very refreshing and touching. Thanks.

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