yaa yaa yaa

i need to share this. i have posted it on facebook before, but i need to bring it back.

we all love a good music video. even though mtv and vh1 do not necessarily play them as much as they should, we can still view them via social media outlets and of course, youtube. this little tune was brought to my attention by e-mex. i think it’s the best song ever created that does not contain any actual lyrics.

i promise you will watch this and probably watch it again a few more times. it will seep into your brain and you will sing and/or hum this throughout your day.


tonight is the “decision” which obvi includes the egomaniac┬álebron james. while as much as i would love to see him stay in cle, at this point i really don’t care. we will survive without him.

i will not be watching the announcement. i need to keep writing this script for “the flats” project i am working on with my friends. the plum already posted the teaser on her blog. the first episode should be ready next week, so look out for it!

word of the day – reality

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