this sun is sick (in a good way)

i have always found it strange that i don’t see hardly enough people spending time outside in the summer in cle. the typical clevelander complains about everything, specifically the winter weather months. and then when it gets really nice out (like the last 2 months) it seems that those same people do not take advantage of the outdoors. what’s wrong with you people!?

anyways, my weekend was fantastic for the most part and i am getting nervous that target already has the school supplies out in full mode. friday night started with a quick bite to eat at the diner on clifton with the nug. we then headed to the cleveland yacht club for the regatta party, which was a boat load of fun (pun intended). kyle, larger, puma, tiger, nug and i had a good old time and in typical late night fashion, broke it down on the dance floor. the reggae band was jamaican me crazy and so were those straw hats.

nug, me and puma (how odd does nug's arm look?)
puma is the captain. kyle is the pirate.

saturday started nice and slow but in the evening i joined my parents, aunt dana and uncle john in westlake. yes, i know. i do not travel outside cle proper very often. however, we did go to moosehead for dinner and i must say that their patio is pretty freakin’ nice. the sandwich list on their menu is also absurdly large and delightful.

we then headed to the savannah (for 5 minutes) for some jazz but it really wasn’t happening for us at the moment. ended up at around the corner in lakewood for some more family bonding.

the weekend ended with a much needed brainstorm/script development/video shoot for the little project nug, alexa, lisa and i have been working on. look out for the premiere on tuesday night after the finale of the hills!

lzone playing director.

and p.s. – i got a smart phone! if you read my blog post about 2 months ago, you can now say iHave one! well, not an iPhone, but a droid incredible. now i can waste spend more time on the social media waves, including the ever addictive foursquare.

word of the day – bubbles

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