a dose of reality

so episode 1 of “the flats” is complete. it did turn out quite well i think. we’re not sure how many of these we are going to create, but hopefully episode 2 will be finished in the next couple weeks.

i think i need to make a statement here as well. we are simply having fun with this little project. we aren’t professional actors. we are young urban professionals that thought this would be a hilarious parody series. we just want to prove that the city of cle can be just as cool, fun and cosmopolitan as any other big, flashy city.

the story lines may or may not have anything to do with our real life situations, but that doesn’t matter. again, it’s about having fun! so please enjoy and don’t be a hater. yes, i am talking to you “u2norton” on youtube.


  1. sean

    This u2norton fellow has basically taken a whole day’s time posting over 10 comments about us. Some are actually quite funny, but the other half are ignorant/rude. I guess we could consider him our first creeper fan? haha.

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