the other OC

west side market.

almost moved there. actually, was outbid on a house on the lovely street of woodbine. i am not talking about the infamous OC of cali. i am referring to our wonderful neighborhood of ohio city. home to the west side market (prob one of the best public places in the cle), momocho, st. ignatius, beautiful residential architecture and SPACES gallery. similar to tremont, OC has a distinct neighborhood feel and charm. part of that charm def comes from the residents that call this place home.

for the past 7 or 8 years, i have been attending the ohio city home tour every may. this year is a little different because i will be volunteering for the first time! my aunt and uncle’s home will be featured on the sunday tour, so make sure to say hi if you happen to join in the festivities. one of these year’s i am going to have to put up the money for the saturday night dinner/tour. it’s the classy first half of the OC weekend which consists of fine food and fancy dwellings.

make sure you have a good weekend and make it a point to enjoy the outdoors. it looks like it shaping up to be a pretty fantastic weather weekend. oh, and make sure to check out the hooley tomorrow on lorain road. and if you can’t do the hooley, then try a tremont spot. you will find me there between the hours of 4pm and 2am.

word of the day – coolio


  1. Alicia

    I’ve lived here my entire life and have never heard of the Ohio City Home Tour. I’m bummed I missed it – will have to remember for next year.

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