galleries and salsa

and another weekend is gone. who decided that it would only consist of two days? i am not a fan. it should def be increased to three days. the masses should vote on this issue. but who would we go to for this request? the president? god? mother nature? oprah? i don’t know, but something has to be done.

nonetheless, this past weekend was another good one. started friday out with a stop at luxe with neighbor-friend eric.

side bar – eric actually co-owns theĀ urban infant with his sister. they specialize in earth-friendly baby wear and accessories. its pretty fantastic. you should go to there.

as always, dinner was good as well as that extra glass of wine i was accidentally served. after, we headed to robert maschke’s 1point618 gallery for his latest “hell and high water” opening. very colorful, interesting work. if you haven’t been to maschke’s gallery, you should. then traveled a little further west on detroit to wall eye gallery, which consisted of the most hipsters i have ever seen in one place. apparently the two bands performing that night brought the cle hipsters together. i did enjoy the first performance, but the second was well, different. before they performed they handed out ear plugs. not sure that’s the best way to market your music. which we listen too. with our ears. needless to say, it was fun.

eric in front of the new gordon square bus shelters. beautiful additions to the neighborhood!

saturday was fun-ish.

sunday ended on a nice note. met up with sbot and cinders for mexican at mi pueblo on lorain. there is something about that place that i like. not sure if it’s the gritty neighborhood or the keepin’ it real locals. good food. good margaritas. can’t complain.

mi pueblo margarita.

looking forward to cinco de mayo this week as well as next weekend’s festivities. boat drops in the water saturday. ahoy mates!

word of the day – fajita


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