spaces and cool faces

photo courtesy of photographer, frank miller.

this past friday night, nugget (i will explain the nug to you later) and I headed to spaces for their annual artmart opening. i was glad to see such a great showing of art enthusiasts and cle friends out and about. my neighbor/friend frank miller had some pieces in the show which included some cle scapes and a great lakes christmas ale bottle photo that sold in a flash. frank is quite the talented photographer, but he is also simply a terrific human being. also ran into too many people to mention who put the spaces events together. they really have a great crew at that gallery which was reason for me to start volunteering there for their annual benefit. the spaces annual benefit is a crazy good time and you should go. just saying.

we also met up with our friend kristy and her friend mel, who coincidentally lives in my hood. detroit shoreway shout out! after spaces we had dinner and drinks at luxe which never disappoints. if you have not been to luxe you should make it a point to go this spring/summer and be sure to sit on the patio. not only is this marlin kaplan creation beautiful, the service has always been exceptional in my past experiences.

the weekend also included a trip to crocker park, which is really quite torture for me. the only reason i go to that white bread palace is for urban outfitters, h&m, trader joe’s and apple. living in the city really makes you appreciate diversity. even if that may include the random crazy folk that occasionally make your day a little uncomfortable. i would take that over being surrounded by a&f drenched west side kids and their cookie cutter lifestyles. and they all look just the same.

word of the day – blob

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