if you think funk is dead, then you are funked up

DISCLAIMER: I am calling it, friends. These two new jams will definitely be on the summer 2013 top ten list. Be prepared to hear these beats at stop lights through open car windows, beach parties and weddings. 

Robin Thicke and Daft Punk are currently doing everything right. Pairing up with musical mastermind, Pharrell Williams on both artist’s new singles is a match made in heaven.

Tracks “Blurred Lines” and “Get Lucky” are undeniably groovy. I almost don’t even have to put into words why you should like these songs. If either of them don’t make you smile, tap your feat or shake your groove thang, than you have no business being a sane human being.

“Blurred Lines” samples Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up”, which was quite brave, but Thicke manages to do it justice, combining his smooth voice and sexy lyrics with this classic R&B beat. You really have to admit that this song is a great take on an old, soulful sound that we haven’t quite heard in recent years. Kudos to Thicke, T.I., and Pharrell.

And if one great song wasn’t enough, Pharrell also paired up with Daft Punk on their highly anticipated new album, Random Access Memories. Much like “Blurred Lines”, “Get Lucky” also has a 70s throwback/disco vibe which should also get all you kids on the dance floor. It’s smooth, it has swag, and it only confirms that dance music is king in today’s pop hit list.

seanskisez: That Pharrell is on fire!

bad words


Everyone has a list of words they despise. Many come in the form of derogatory terms that may deal with race, religion, sexual orientation or gender. But I am not here to discuss that type of list. I am referring to those other words that can be intertwined into normal and semi-normal conversations.

This past weekend, a group of friends and I came up with some real winners. Here is my current inventory of bad words.

1. Moist

2. Curdle/Curd

3. Gush

4. Panties

5. Ointment

6. Crotch

7. Succulent

8. Phlegm/Flem

9. Quiver

10. Chunk

seanskisez: What words are on your list?

remember what bubbles sound like?

If you did not get a chance to watch SNL this past weekend, you truly missed a hilarious episode.

Justin Timberlake (in his 5th time hosting) proved once again that he can do no wrong. Just about every skit had LOL moments, with some featuring A-list guest appearances by former SNL cast members and hosts. I am not going to give anything away, so I’ll leave it up to you to search the Internet or your DVR queue for some of the night’s best moments.

But my absolute favorite sketch goes to Brookie and Starlet. This toast to Moet & Chandon champagne basically had me rolling on the floor. I am not quite sure how Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong got through this one without laughing.

seanskisez: Did somebody say celebrate?


same love

I am not one to proclaim my sexuality to the world with an open voice. I have never been to a pride parade. I do not like going to gay bars. And I have no interest in Cher.

Some might say that I am an anti-gay gay. The truth is, I really just don’t get along with many homosexual people and the stereotypes many protrude. But that’s a discussion for another time.

What I do think is important is acceptance. The right to be treated like everyone else. But for some reason, many people in this world fight for hate. Hate for people who are different. But isn’t different good? Isn’t normal boring?

The funny part is, many of the haters are also the partakers. Living a profound lie, expressing disgusting hatred, while they take part in the very acts and feelings that they are attacking for being immoral. Hypocrite, much?

Now I know some of you may not agree with me, but I know that not all of my family and friends agree with equal rights for all. I know some of you accept me for who I am, but would never vote for gay marriage. And that’s quite alright. Or is it?

At one point, I never really cared about the concept. But as I have matured and have found myself in a relationship for 10 years, I have changed my vote. Why shouldn’t I have the same rights as everyone else? Oh, that’s right…religion says no. Thanks, Jesus.

No, wait a second. Jesus would say yes! But as time has gone forth, people have redefined and re-worded the Bible so much so that they have influenced your opinions with their dissected translations and personal beliefs. Isn’t that absurd? Seriously, how f*&#ed up is that!?

So my point is, we should all take a step back and think about what’s really important in the world. There is SO MUCH more to hate on then gay marriage. Like centipedes for example. Those are some nasty fools.

Now that you know my stance, please take a moment to listen and watch “Same Love” by Jimmy Macklemore. It essentially sums up everything that is awesome about Jimmy and his personal take on the issue.

seanskisez: Jimmy Macklemore, I love you. One love!

boat shoes for life


It’s no surprise to those who know me how obsessed I am with boat shoes. And I must disclose something to the general public. I am pretty sure that I had something to do with this ever-growing fashion trend.

At one time, wearing deck shoes was really only seen on boaters, as they trotted about the marina or yacht club. But why not take the yacht club to the dance club?

Now, I am not certain that I alone started this trend, but I began wearing boat shoes in high school. In college, I know for a fact that I was one of the only students on the Kent State campus that wore boat shoes throughout the year. I significantly remember people either giving me beef for doing so, or applauding my shoe sense. Apparently it caught on, because 70% of my friends and relatives own at least one pair.

Over the past 10 years, we have seen a spike in Sperry styles, sales and brand partnerships (i.e., J. Crew, Urban Outfitters). Other brands have also gotten on the ship (see what I did there), including Vans and Converse, who are also producing very Sperry-similar styles. While I own multiple brands of boat shoes, Sperry continues to be my personal favorite. They truly own this market and have created a very distinct image for themselves, while continuing to be innovative and fresh.

seanskisez: Sperry makes me swoon (in a very masculine way, of course).

goin’ country?

I dislike country music. No, I despise country music.

Actually, I take that back. I can handle it in small doses.

But as of late, a certain song has entered my play list. I have been blasting it in the car and humming the lyrics around the house.

It’s one of those tracks that just makes sense. It has just enough emotion, while not being entirely too mushy. It’s easy to listen to for those who don’t typically enjoy the country genre. And it would make a fantastic wedding song, for those of you saying “I do” in the coming months.

It could be considered a guilty pleasure for those of you who may be embarrassed by the fact that you enjoy it, but as I say, “so what, who cares.” When you like a song, you like a song. And I think this song is pure, wholesome, romantic, magic.

seanskisez: I want to like country because of Wanted.

p-holes are a-holes


They are brutal.

You cannot avoid them.

Some have been known to swallow you whole.

Every morning when I leave the house, I have a path. And that path is not only the daily route I take to work, but a secondary path that involves unruly obstacles, also known as potholes.

Sometimes I feel like I am partaking in a real-life video game, racing about city streets, turning corners while avoiding every broken piece of road. But every time one hits you, that sound seems to crush right through you. Immediately after I run through one of these p-holes, I yell some sort of obscenity, directed towards winter, ODOT, or the city of CLE. It just makes me feel better for some reason.

I have no problem swerving and maneuvering around these concrete craters, but I often wonder if one can be pulled over by the 5-0 for driving in this manner. I would hope to bejesus that this would not happen, simply because drivers would prefer not to risk car damage.

So the moral of the story? Watch out. Potholes are everywhere. And they pop up like summer dandelions.

seanskisez: p-holes need to go!


well, hello there

What up, peeps!

That’s right. Look who’s back in the hizzy. After a much needed writing recess, I am coming back with a new take on things. And by things, I mean anything. And by anything, I mean any damn thing I want to discuss with you. I will still have my “happy in cle” moments, but I’d like to broaden the topic train and take it up a notch.

I have opinions. I have relevant and non-relevant thoughts and statements that I would like to express in a public forum, which are hopefully read and then shared amongst yourselves.

At the end of every post, I will provide my personal “rating” on the topic of choice, providing my stamp, if you will. For example, if I am discussing the delicious taste of pulled pork, I would say: seanskisez amazeballs. Or, if I am speaking to the ridiculousness of racism, I would say: seanskisez grow up you brain-dead redneck moron.

Sound good? LEGGO!!! (“leggo” is slang for “let’s go”, you guys)

seanski says

I have not been blogging for a long time. I started this “happyincle” thing two years ago as a testament of my love for the city of CLE and all the wonderful people, places and things that surround me on a daily basis. But as of late, I have become distracted, unamused and uninterested. I do not write blog posts as much as I used too, which may have to do with the fact that Cleveland-centric posts and articles are simply everywhere. Depending on who you are following on Twitter or Instagram, who your friends are on Facebook or what topics you are reading on local blogs, it has become a repetitive series of events, places and news.

While all this cheerleading is a positive thing, I personally find it difficult to come up with interesting topics of discussion. You can only read so many blog posts, tweets and status updates discussing the same exact content. Everyone who knows me has a clear understanding that I love this city. Just look at my Foursquare check-ins and Twitter feed — I support this city by frequenting local restaurants and shops, volunteering on non-profit organizations and owning a home in the city. I think I have made it clear that I am happy in CLE.

So on this two-year mark, I think I am going to switch gears a bit and do a little remodeling. I will still support this city and all its riches, but instead of being tied down to one category, I would prefer to discuss other topics that may bring upon happiness, sadness, intrigue, beauty, laughter, disgust and wonder (whoa…that just got deep).

Now my next question becomes…what will my new blog name/web address be???

To be continued…

happy(er) in NYC?

Screen Shot 2012-03-28 at 9.34.19 PM

I love Cleveland. I really do. But lately I have really been wondering what my life would have been like if I would have moved to New York City straight out of college.

I have no doubt that our city is on an upward cycle, as evident in the recent Yahoo article: The Return of the Comeback City. However, we have a LONG way to go. Our city is not as progressive as most, we are surrounded by people (young and old, suburban and urban) who are disgustingly closed-minded and our greatest natural resource has still yet to be developed upon. Our city cannot even keep our only major lakefront park clean, updated and aesthetically beautiful as it should be.

Sometimes I wish I would wake up tomorrow, in a small loft apartment in Manhattan that has just enough space for my personal belongings and CB2 essentials. I would then prepare myself for the day, shut the door, put my shades on and walk to my place of business, which would most likely consist of some small boutique shop or large powerhouse advertising agency. After a long day of work, the night would begin with dinner and shenanigans at any one of 4,200 restaurants in the city, followed by additional stops and more shenanigans. Weekends would be spent enjoying shows, museums, world-class shopping, gallery openings, concerts and off-beat parties.

Now, I am extremely grateful for everything that I have in my current phase of life, but my mind has been on this “what if” state and it won’t go away. This may be just a part of getting older, as you sit back and dissect every aspect of your life and wonder why you didn’t do this or why you haven’t done that.

I think it is time for a long weekend trip to NYC. Maybe I just need a little time there to realize how good life is here in CLE. Or, maybe I will realize how much better life is in NYC.